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Introducing Straw Slot Lids for Our Smoothie Cup rPET
Upgrade your beverage packaging with our convenient and versatile Straw Slot Lids, designed specifically for our rPET Smoothie Cups in 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz sizes. These lids offer a practical solution for on-the-go consumption while maintaining the freshness and integrity of your drinks.

Convenient Design
Our Straw Slot Lids feature a convenient slot for inserting a straw Allowing customers to enjoy their beverages without the hassle of removing the lid. The straw slot provides easy access to the drink while preventing spills and leaks. Making it perfect for customers who are on the move.

Secure Fit
Designed to fit our rPET Smoothie Cups snugly. These lids provide a secure seal to prevent any accidental spills or leaks. The tight fit ensures that your drinks remain fresh and intact during transportation and consumption, giving your customers peace of mind.

Versatile Compatibility
Available in sizes compatible with our 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz rPET Smoothie Cups, these lids offer versatility and flexibility to accommodate various beverage sizes. Whether you’re serving small or large drinks, our Lids have you covered.

Crystal Clear Transparency
Crafted from high-quality plastic, our Lids not only offer durability but also maintain crystal-clear transparency. Ensuring that customers can easily admire the contents of their drinks. Moreover, the clear design of these lids serves as a visual invitation, enhancing the appeal of your beverages and enticing customers to indulge in a refreshing sip. Additionally, by providing a clear view of the drink within. Our Straw Slot Lids create an immersive experience, heightening anticipation and satisfaction. Furthermore, with each use of our lids, you’re not just covering a beverage. You’re showcasing it, inviting customers to indulge in a visual and flavorful delight.

Ideal for Beverage Service Establishments
Whether you operate a café, juice bar, smoothie shop, or food truck. Our Straw Slot Lids are the perfect addition to your beverage service supplies. Their practical design, secure fit, and compatibility with different cup sizes make them suitable for a wide range of establishments and applications.

Order Your Straw Slot Lids Today
Upgrade your beverage packaging with our Straw Slot Lids for Smoothie Cup rPET. With their convenient design, secure fit, versatility, and crystal clear transparency, these lids are the ideal choice for serving refreshing drinks on the go. Order now and enhance your customers’ beverage experience!


(20 x 50) 1000 Pcs


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