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Introducing Our PP Deli Bowl Lids to Fit our S/M/L Deli Bowls
Looking for versatile lids for your deli bowls of various sizes? You’re in the right place! Our PP lids are tailored to fit small, medium, and large deli bowls flawlessly, ensuring a dependable seal to preserve your food’s freshness and security.

Ensuring Secure Fit for All Bowl Sizes
Engineered to accommodate all sizes of our deli bowls, our PP lids ensure a secure fit for small, medium, and large containers alike. Whether you’re packaging salads, soups, or desserts, these lids guarantee a tight seal, safeguarding your food during storage and transit.

Providing Transparent Visibility
With a transparent design, our PP lids offer clear visibility of the contents within the deli bowls. This transparency allows customers to easily assess the freshness and quality of your food items, enhancing presentation and enticing them to make a purchase.

Offering Convenient Application and Removal
Featuring a user-friendly design, our PP lids are effortlessly applied and removed from the deli bowls. Simply snap them onto the containers for a secure seal, and effortlessly detach them when it’s time to enjoy the food. This streamlined process saves time and effort in your food packaging routine.

Ensuring Durability and Versatility
Crafted from robust polypropylene (PP) material, our deli bowl lids exhibit durability and reliability. They withstand the challenges of transportation and handling, rendering them suitable for various food service settings, including restaurants, catering events, and food trucks.

Choosing an Environmentally Friendly Option
Constructed from recyclable plastic, our PP lids present an environmentally conscious choice for your food packaging requirements. Opting for these lids demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, reducing your environmental impact.



(6 x 50) 300


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