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Introducing Our 14″ Plain White Pizza Box
Upgrade your pizza packaging with our 14″ Plain White Pizza Box, designed to keep your pizzas fresh and secure during delivery.

Perfect Size for Personal Pizzas
Measuring 14 inches in diameter, our pizza boxes are perfectly sized for personal-sized pizzas. Whether it’s a classic Margherita or a custom creation, these boxes provide just the right amount of space for your delicious pies.

Durable Construction for Protection
Crafted from sturdy white cardboard, our pizza boxes offer reliable protection for your pizzas. The durable construction ensures that your pizzas remain intact and free from damage during transportation, preserving their flavour and quality until they reach your customers’ doors.

Secure Closure for Peace of Mind
Featuring a secure tuck-in flap closure, our pizza boxes provide peace of mind during delivery. Say goodbye to spills and messes – with our sturdy closure, your pizzas will arrive safely and securely every time.

Plain White Design for Customization
With a simple plain white design, our pizza boxes offer versatility for customization. Whether you want to add your own branding or leave them as they are, these boxes provide a blank canvas for your creativity.

Environmentally Friendly Option
Made from recyclable materials, our pizza boxes are an eco-friendly choice for your packaging needs. By opting for our plain white pizza boxes, you’re making a sustainable choice and reducing your environmental impact.

Order Now
Elevate your pizza delivery service with our 14″ Plain White Pizza Box. With its perfect size, durable construction, and customizable design, these boxes are the ideal packaging solution for your delicious pizzas. Order now and ensure that your pizzas arrive fresh and delicious every time!


(1 x 100) 100pcs


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