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Introducing Our No.6a Poly Coated Lids (Heavy Duty) for Foil Containers
Upgrade your food packaging game with our No.6a Poly Coated Lids (Heavy Duty). Specifically designed to complement our foil containers and enhance their performance.

Enhanced Protection and Security
Furthermore, the advanced engineering of these lids goes beyond mere functionality. It signifies a commitment to quality and excellence in food preservation.

Compatibility with No.2 Foil Containers
Designed to perfectly fit our No.6a foil containers, these lids offer seamless compatibility, ensuring hassle-free use in your food service operations. Simply snap them onto the containers for a tight seal, and rest assured that your food will remain securely packaged.

Durable and Reliable
Made from premium-quality materials, our No.6a Poly Coated Lids are built to withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens and food service environments. Their heavy-duty construction ensures durability and reliability, making them ideal for busy restaurants, catering events, food trucks, and more.

Versatile and Convenient
These lids are incredibly versatile, suitable for both hot and cold food items. Whether you’re serving piping hot meals or chilled salads. Our No.2 Poly Coated Lids provide the perfect solution for keeping your food fresh and protected.

Streamlined Food Packaging Process
With their user-friendly design, our No.6a Poly Coated Lids streamline the food packaging process, saving you time and effort in your kitchen. Their easy application and secure fit allow for efficient food preparation and service, making them a valuable addition to any food service establishment.

Upgrade Your Food Packaging
Elevate your food packaging with our No.6a Poly Coated Lids (Heavy Duty). With their enhanced protection, compatibility, durability, and convenience, these lids are the perfect choice for ensuring the freshness and security of your food items. Order now and experience the difference in your food service operations!



(1 x 500) 500Pcs


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