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Enhance Your Food Storage with Jumbo Catering PVC Cling Film
Upgrade your food storage capabilities with our Jumbo Catering PVC Cling Film, measuring 450mm wide and 300m long. This versatile cling film offers exceptional cling and seal, keeping your food fresh and protected for longer periods.

Superior Cling and Seal
Our Jumbo Catering PVC Cling Film provides a superior seal, ensuring that your food remains tightly wrapped and protected from air and moisture. This helps to preserve the freshness and flavor of your food, extending its shelf life and reducing food waste.

Wide Coverage
With its generous dimensions of 450mm wide and 300m long, our film offers wide coverage. Making it suitable for use in various food service establishments, including restaurants, catering businesses, and commercial kitchens. Whether wrapping individual food items or covering larger trays and containers, this cling film provides ample coverage for all your food storage needs.

Durable and Reliable
Crafted from high-quality PVC material, our cling film is durable and tear-resistant, ensuring that it stays intact during storage and transportation. Its robust construction makes it suitable for wrapping both hot and cold food items. Providing versatile protection in any kitchen environment.

Easy to Use
Our film is designed for ease of use, featuring a convenient built-in cutter for hassle-free dispensing. The sharp cutter allows you to quickly and effortlessly tear off the desired amount of cling film, saving time and reducing waste in your kitchen.

Order Your Jumbo Catering PVC Cling Film Today
Upgrade your food storage capabilities with our Jumbo Catering PVC Cling Film. With its superior cling and seal, wide coverage, durability, and ease of use, this cling film is the perfect choice for maintaining the freshness and quality of your food. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!


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