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Introducing Our 750ml Round Black Base Containers (rPET)
Upgrade your food packaging solutions with our 750ml Round Black Base Containers made from rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate). Designed to meet your storage and presentation needs.

Sleek and Versatile Design
Our Containers feature a sleek and modern design, perfect for showcasing a variety of food items such as salads, fruits, snacks, and more. The black base adds a touch of elegance to your presentation. Making it ideal for both casual and upscale dining environments.

Eco-Friendly Material
Crafted from rPET, these containers are environmentally friendly as they are made from recycled plastic. By choosing our containers, you’re not only providing a reliable storage solution but also contributing to sustainability efforts by reducing plastic waste.

Secure and Durable
With a secure Snap-On lid, our containers ensure that your food remains fresh and secure during storage and transportation. The durable construction of the rPET material provides added strength and resistance to cracking or breaking, offering peace of mind to both you and your customers.

Easy to Use and Reuse
Our containers are designed for convenience, featuring easy-to-use Snap-On lids that make them effortless to open and close. Additionally, they are reusable and can be washed and sanitized for repeated use, making them a cost-effective and sustainable option for your food service establishment.

Order Now
Enhance your food packaging with our 750ml Round Black Base Containers (rPET) and elevate the presentation of your food items. With their sleek design, eco-friendly material, and durable construction, these containers are the perfect choice for restaurants, cafes, delis, and more. Order now and experience the convenience and reliability of our premium-quality containers.


(6 x 50) 300Pcs


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